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BellyMelter® Metabolism & High Endurance Formula


The holy grail of metabolism. BellyMelter metabolic support formula contains a potent 95% HCA* which is derived from Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit also know as Malabar Tamarind. Garcinia cambogia is natural metabolism support supplement that could help to support healthy metabolism, suppress appetite, increase exercise endurance, reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity and cholesterol levels - lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) and raising HDL (good cholesterol).

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BellyMelter® benefits

Promotes appetite supression⚚

Supports weight management⚚

Improved exercise endurance⚚

Lowers bad cholesterol levels⚚

Feel full sooner, reduce the cravings

✓ Contributes to feelings of fullness and suppressed appetite⚚

✓ Increases seratonin levels in the blood, a known appetite suppressant, to reduce appetite⚚

✓ Supports mood enhancement to reduce stress eating⚚

In with good, out with the bad (cholesterol)

✓ Vegan, gluten free and non-gmo

✓ Supports lowering of cholesterol levels, bad LDL cholesterol levels, blood triglycerides⚚

✓ Supports elevating good HDL cholesterol levels⚚

Burn the fat to shrink the belly

✓ HCA blocks the enzyme citrate lyase, responsible for turning sugars into fat⚚

✓ HCA in BellyMelter® metabolizes fat for energy, in place of storing it, to support fat reduction⚚

✓ Reduces the accumulation of fat and storage of belly fat⚚

Works in harmony with your gut flora

✓ Supports decrease of insulin levels, increases insulin sensitivity⚚

✓ Supports reduction of inflammation and blood sugar control⚚

✓ Supports digestive health⚚

Exercise with more energy, recover faster

✓ Boosts exercise endurance⚚

✓ Enables greater aerobic endurance⚚

✓ Supports decrease in post-workout exhaustion by promoting gluconeogenesis (maintaining blood glucose levels)⚚

BellyMelter® questions

It blocks about 25% of the fat from the foods you eat from being absorbed by your body. Intended to support your weight loss goals, for every 4 pounds you lose through diet, approximately you can lose another 1.5lbs more taking BellyMelter®

With a healthy diet and physical activity, results should be seen in 2 weeks. Results may vary⚚

No. BellyMelter® has no added caffeine, and is stimulant free

Although BellyMelter® is 100% natural and likely to be beneficial and safe for weight management, always consult your doctor before taking this, if you are at risk or being treated for any medical condition. BellyMelter® may cause a decrease in blood sugar levels, so if you have diabetes, discuss this with your doctor before taking this supplement

Simply take 2 capsules with meals. BellyMelter® is intended to be taken to supplement a healthy diet and exercise regime as part of an overall weight loss plan

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