ComboK2D3® Maximum Potency Vitamin K2 + D3

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The perfect synergistic effect. Vitamin K2 + D3 formula supports your heart, bones & teeth, muscles, immune function & circulation.* ComboK2D3® is enhanced with BioPerine & Calcium for higher-potency.* BioPerine is a powerful anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant. Calcium is also used as an anti-acid to relieve heartburn, acid indigestion, upset stomach, to keep healthy nervous system, and much more. ComboK2D3® gives you support for a strong heart, strong bone and strong you.*

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ComboK2D3 benefits

Promotes bone health⚚

Provides antioxidant support⚚

Supports a healthy immune system⚚

Supports a healthy heart⚚

Better together

✓ Get science-backed doses of vitamins A, D and K to help support your heart, bones and immune system⚚

✓ Optimal forms of these vitamins provide maximum nutrient benefits⚚

A formula backed by science

✓ Vitamin A combines with vitamin D to support a healthy immune system⚚

✓ Vitamin D3 helps calcium absorption into the bloodstream for healthy bones and teeth

✓ Vitamin K is vital in helping calcium enter the bone from the bloodstream, supporting bone density and heart health⚚

High performance support each day

✓ Take two ComboK2D3® capsules a day with food

✓ 100% non-GMO, soy-free, vegetarian and gluten-free, with no artificial colors, preservatives or the junk in other brands.

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