Eterna® - Anti-Aging Collagen Complex

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Eterna® Anti-Aging Collagen has all you need to achieve your goals: Five types of collagen. Multi-amino acids support healthy skin, hair & nails, strengthen bones & joints, and promotes happy & healthy gut lining. Gluten-free, tasteless & colourless Collagen powder is grass-fed, easily dissolved in hot and cold beverage.* Just add it to your coffee, water, cocktails, juice, soups, oats, yogurt, salad dressing, and more! Get your benefits and body’s protein in one kick with Eterna®

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Eterna® benefits

Supports healthy bones and joints⚚

Supports healthy digestion⚚

Supports exercise recovery⚚

Supports anti aging and healthy skin⚚

What is collagen protein?

✓ The connective tissue in structures such as skin, hair, nails, and joints

✓ The most abundant protein in the body. Collagen makes up about 75% of the skin's weight.

✓ Collagen naturally declines around the age of 25. By 40, collagen is depleting faster than it's produced, and by 60 it's almost completely gone.

Eterna® supports healthy skin⚚

✓ Supplements skins natural collagen to promote firmer, plumper skin⚚

✓ Promotes the appearance of younger looking skin and reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines⚚

✓ Increases skin hydration⚚

Eterna® supports healthy nails⚚

✓ Supports strong, healthy nail growth⚚

✓ Decreases nail breakage⚚

✓ Boosts nail growth⚚

Eterna® supports healthy hair⚚

✓ Fortifies hair follicles to anchor hair at the root⚚

✓ Nourishes and stimulates hair growth⚚

✓ Reduces hair loss and breakage⚚

✓ Improves hair strength and condition⚚

Eterna® supports a healthy gut

✓ Repairs and seals the gut lining preventing 'leaky gut' and autoimmune disease⚚

✓ Regulates stomach acid to support healthy digestion⚚

✓ Can reduce heartburn, ulcers and stomach pain⚚

You'll love how easy Eterna® is to use

✓ Sourced from pasture-raised cows, without added hormones

✓ Flavorless and odorless, it mixes easily into hot or cold liquids

✓ Use in your favorite recipes, smoothies, soups, yogurt or your morning coffee

What makes Eterna® the optimum collagen protein?

✓ Stimulates the body to produce its own collagen which declines with age

✓ Contains essential amino acids often missing in a modern diet

✓ Free from GMOs, dairy, soybean, fillers, artificial binders, and colors.

Frequent Eterna® questions

Collagen production starts declining at around 25 years of age. As a preventative measure and to reduce future lines it is recommend for you to start supplementing collagen in your early 20s.

There is no known connection between taking a collagen supplement and weight gain.

Visible results can be seen in as little as two weeks, whilst it can take up to three months for some people to see changes. Users of Eterna have told us that consistent use for an extended period (at least 3 months) delivers the most noticable results. This is why we recommend ordering a 3 or 6-months package, or a monthly subscription at discount rates.

Eterna has been formulated, tasteless and odorless, so that it can be mixed in food and drink (without clumping), including smoothies, coffee, porridge or yoghurt.

It can even be baked into cookies, cakes. The options are endless.

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