Fortimmune® Anti-Aging Immunity Support

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When you need to build your immune defence to keep you going healthy & strong, reach for Fotimmune® It contains a powerful blend of 1,500mg in natural antioxidants & immune support ingredients like: pomegranate, selenium, lycopene, vitamin C & E, essiac tea, plus a triple mushroom blend to help you power your immune system and antioxidant support.* With Fortimmune® Anti-Aging Immune Support, you have what you need to stay at your best.

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Fortimmune® benefits

Supports healthy immune system⚚

Supports anti aging⚚

Provides antioxidant support⚚

Wide ranging immunity support

⚚ Vitamin C, E and selenium

⚚ Adaptogenic mushroom complex

⚚ 1500mg proprietary botanical blend rooted in traditional medicine

Fuel your immune system

✓ Fortimmune immune support combines ayurvedic remedies dating back 3000 years backed up by modern science, to keep you healthy⚚

✓ Excellent source of high-potency vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports your body's immune system⚚

✓ Ginseng and pomegranate support a healthy immune system and overall wellness⚚

✓ Contains an adaptogenic mushroom complex of shitake, maitake and reishi to help your body's immune response from germs and virus⚚

Be prepared when you need it

✓ When you are tired, stressed or simply feeling under the weather take two capsules a day with food.

✓ Strengthen your body's natural defenses with a boost of vitamin C plus a proprietary complex blend of modern and traditional botanicals.

Frequently asked Fortimmune® questions

Fortimmune contains a combination of nutrients, adaptogens, antioxidants and botanicals that support healthy immune system function⚚

Fortimmunes proprietary blend of nutrients are based on a combination of centuries old ayurvedic medicine and more traditional vitamins. Together, they have been shown to support the body's normal immune system response⚚

No. Fortimmune is caffeine and stumulant free.

Simply, take two capsules throughout the day with food

Although Fortimmune is likely to be beneficial for most conditions, always consult your doctor before taking this, or any supplement, if you are at risk or being treated for any medical condition.

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