JtFlex® Natural Joint Health Formula

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Developed for anyone with Joint Pain, stress or stiffness⚚ Glucosamine in JtFlex® support joint comfort, mobility and flexibility⚚ Contains MSM to help form collagen in joints and cartilage⚚


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JtFlex® benefits

Suports joint health and comfort⚚

Supports collagen production⚚

Supports flexibility and function⚚

Increase exercise performance⚚

Builds joint strength⚚

✓ Eases the pain and discomfort associated with excess weight, athletic deterioration or aging on joints⚚

✓ Supports joint structure for health and mobility⚚

✓ Reduces inflammation of joints and rebuilds cartilage relieving pain and improving joint mobility⚚

✓ Lubricates joints, like hips and knees and supports shock absorption⚚

Supports joint flexibility⚚

✓ Boswellia and turmeric rebuild and maintain joint flexibility⚚

✓ MSM strengthens joint tissue to support a greater range of motion⚚

Adresses joint inflammation and collagen decline⚚

✓ Supports joint health and mobility⚚

✓ Natural ingredients like boswellia and turmeric reduce inflammation and pain in joints⚚

✓ MSM replenishes cartilage relieving pain and improving joint mobility⚚

✓ Supports and strengthens joints and surrounding tissue in order to prevent breakdown of joint tissue⚚

JtFlex® questions

JtFlex contains ingredients like Boswellia, MSM and turmeric that have been rigourously tested for joint health benefits. It is formulated to support joint health, flexibility, mobility and function, with results noticeable in a few days. JtFlex is vegetarian, GMO, soy and gluten free. Like all Biowell products is is manufactured in a GMP facility and it FDA approved.

Simply take two capsules throughout the day with food.

No. Fortimmune is caffeine and stumulant free.

Although JtFlex is likely to be beneficial for most conditions, always consult your doctor before taking this, or any supplement, if you are at risk or being treated for any medical condition.

The joint health formula of JtFlex has been reported by users to give results within a few days, with more improvements gained with regular use over time.

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