PolyGreens® Green Superfood Powder

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Amazing tasting super greens.* PolyGreens Superfood contains more than 40 phytonutrients-rich vegetables, fruits & herbal extracts.* It is optimised with powerful antioxidants & mushroom blend to inhibit free radical, enhance cognitive performance, increased energy, improved muscle recovery, immune support & heart health.* PolyGreens is boosted with prebiotic fibre & probiotic blend to support gut health and aids digestion.* Drink your greens in an incredible tasting nutrient-packed formula with none of the juicing mess.

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PolyGreens® benefits

Promotes detoxification⚚

Supports immune system health⚚

Supports gut health⚚

Provides antioxidant protection⚚

Feed your soul, body and mind

✓ Bursting with 50 health abundant nutrients for natural energy⚚

✓ Contains polyphenol rich nutritional greens, vitamins, minerals to support every system in your body⚚

✓ Antioxidants inhibit free radical production to guard against cell damage⚚

✓ Support increased energy levels, whole-body health and detoxification⚚

Easy to prepare, no mess, tastes great!

✓ Great tasting, natural super greens powder

✓ Blends easily in cold water, no clumps

✓ Non-GMO, free from dairy, soy, and artificial sweeteners

✓ Enjoy Polygreens® chilled in the morning to get your day off to the healthiest start⚚

Brain nourishment from nootropics

✓ Ginseng, shitake and reishi mushrooms support brain power, focus and mental clarity⚚

✓ Provides neuroprotection⚚

✓ Supports long term brain health⚚

Immunity boosted protection

✓ Phytonutreints in Polygreens® support your immune system health⚚

✓ Adaptogenic mushroom complex for immunity support⚚

Care for your gut

✓ Polygreens® contains digestive enzymes, fiber, pre and probiotics for gut health and regularity⚚

✓ Regulates stomach acid to support healthy digestion⚚

✓ Enhanced gut-nutrient absorption⚚

Faultless to the core

✓ Keto, paleo and vegan friendly

✓ Gluten-free and non-gmo

✓ All natural blend, backed by science

✓ No added sugar, flavors or any of the usual junk - just 100% natural goodness

Frequently asked Polygreens® questions

Easy to prepare, great tasting, Polygreens® contains over 50 phytonutrient-rich nutrients to nourish and energize your body from the inside to deliver a powerful antioxidant action to inhibit free radical production⚚

The superfood blend in Polygreens® contribute to great overall health and wellness. Alfalfa leaf, spirulina, acerola cherry, turmeric and green tea leaf contribute to antioxidant support, to guard against free radical damage at the cellular level⚚

Nootropics like Ginseng and the mushroom complex in Polygreens® provide cognition, alertness and mood benefits⚚

No. Polygreens does not contain added caffeine or other stimulants

Although Polygreens® is likely to be beneficial for most conditions, always consult your doctor before taking this, or any supplement, if you are at risk or being treated for any medical condition.

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