PrePlant® Advanced Prebiotic Formula

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PrePlant® contains a prebiotic blend to nourish and feed the good bacteria in your gut and fight the growth of bad bacteria, supporting a healthy gut microbiome⚚ Contains carefully selected ingredients for gentle and effective gut support⚚ May be used in combination with ProPlant® probiotic blend to synergistically support a well-balanced gut⚚ 

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PrePlant® benefits

Feeds good gut bacteria⚚

Keto friendly⚚

Supports healthy immune response⚚

Supports healthy brain function⚚

Love your gut every day⚚

✓ Prebiotics in PrePlant® feed the beneficial bacteria and fight the bad bacteria in your gut to support a healthy gut microbiome⚚.

✓ Provides the essential building blocks for your long-term gut health⚚

✓ PrePlant® is a plant-backed prebiotic that can work alone or in synergy with ProPlant® probiotic blend to support a strong gut barrier and overall gut health⚚

✓ Supports weight management goals⚚

✓ Supports brain function and mental clarity⚚

Feel less bloated⚚

✓ Helps soothe abdominal discomfort and minimize bloating and gas⚚

✓ Feel slimmer and lighter⚚

✓ Helps with constipation and restroom regularity⚚

✓ Delivers results you can feel in days

All the benefits from one capsule a day

✓ Gluten free, dairy free, non-gmo and soy free

✓ Shelf-stable ingredients require no refrigeration

✓ Carefully selected ingredients for gentle, yet effective healthy gut support⚚

✓ Odor free and tasteless

Feeds your immunity for an active life

✓ Delivers powerful immune support⚚

✓ Contains free-radical fighting polyphenols⚚

Frequently asked PrePlant® questions

No. PrePlant® does not contain added caffeine or other stimulants

Although PrePlant® is likely to be beneficial for your gut, always consult your doctor before taking this, or any supplement, if you are at risk or being treated for any medical condition.

Results can be felt after a few days regular use. For best results use in combination with ProPlant® probiotic supplement for complete gut maintenance⚚

PrePlant® and ProPlant® are available as a complete gut combination at a discount

Simply take 2 capsules a day with food.

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