SweetDreamzz® Natural Sleep Support Formula

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Sweet Dreams and wake up feeling rejuvenated. SweetDreamzz® is a non-habit-forming sleep support formula, drug-free solution for healthy deep sleep.* Prepared with an effective  blend of natural & well-researched ingredients - like melatonin to fall sleep faster, sleep better, relax, and feel refreshed.* SweetDreamzz® is  enhanced with calcium & magnesium to support healthy nervous system, muscles, and energy production, and improve your sleep quality*

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SweetDreamzz® benefits

Fall asleep, stay asleep⚚

Promotes relaxation⚚

Reduces feelings of stress⚚

Wake with more energy⚚

Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer

✓ Drift off faster⚚

✓ Supports deep satisfying sleep⚚

✓ Stay asleep all night⚚

✓ Wake refreshed with more energy⚚

Great sleep, naturally

✓ Contains a natural plant-based blend of sleep promoting botanicals⚚

✓ Contains 10mg melatonin to address insomnia and regulate your body's circadian rhythm for regular sleep cycles⚚

✓ SweetDreamzz® is vegetarian, non-gmo, soy free, gluten free, dairy free and free from anything artificial

Be on top of your game

✓ Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime

✓ Proprietary blend contains 13 sleep inducing, mind calming botanicals including lemon balm, passion flower, ashwagandha and chamomile⚚

✓ Wake up refreshed, be on top of your game

Frequently asked SweetDreamzz® questions

The combination of a generous dose of melatonin with natural sleep enhancing botanicals that empirically proven to promote healthy sleep and mood. SweetDreamzz® is also produced in a GMP facilty, here in the US, to the highest, most sterile standards.

Simply take 2 capsules with a little water about 30 minutes before bedtime

Although SweetDreamzz® is 100% natural and likely to be beneficial and safe for sleep disorders, always consult your doctor before taking this, if you are at risk or being treated for any medical condition.

No. SweetDreamzz® has no added caffeine, and is stimulant free

SweetDreamzz® is created using natural plant-based ingredients in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. All cross contamination is eliminated as far as practicall possible. However, if you have any allergy concerns, consult your doctor.

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