Upbeat® Anti-Stress Support Formula

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Upbeat® helps you reach higher levels of tranquility, happiness and a positive state of mind.* It derives from non-toxic herbs & science-backed ingredients to reduce stress & improve focus.* Upbeat® is a natural anti-stress supplement. It contains more than 600mg of vitamins & herbs blend that help to achieve a holistic relaxation and well-being when you need it most.

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Upbeat® benefits

Supports healthy sleep patterns⚚

Promotes relaxation and positive mood⚚

Supports a healthy stress response⚚

Supports energy and endurance⚚

Brain fuel for less stressful feelings

✓ Adaptogens, like ashwagandha and rhodiola, in Upbeat® alter our body's response to the stress we feel, making us feel less stressful

✓ Process thoughts more calmly and clearly so you make better decisions under pressure

Feel zen like

✓ Adaptogenic botanical formula helps you to feel less stressed and nervous, whatever the situation

✓ L-theanine in Upbeat®, used for centuries in Japan soothe you into a heightened state of relaxation and improves quality of sleep

✓ Valerian and lemon balm in Upbeat® combine to lower cortisol levels and support regular sleep patterns⚚

Less stress, more concentration

✓ Natures most powerful botanicals packed with neuro-nutrients act on your body’s built-in stress-busting systems⚚

✓ Feel an energy lift, have more concentration, more focus when you need it, and enjoy peaceful regenerative sleep⚚

Radiate your inner confidence

✓ Take one veggie capsule a day when you want to relax⚚

✓ Feel confident to take on stressful projects, big presentations or social events⚚

✓ Upbeat® will give you the confidence to feel ready for anything⚚

Reboot your metabolism, release more energy

✓ Calories that were stored as fat, because of excess cortisol (our stress hormone), are now released for use as energy⚚

✓ Release new energy levels for working out or other tasks⚚

✓ Lose weight with continual use⚚

Frequently asked Upbeat® questions

Upbeat® is a rare synergy of over 20 of the rarest plant-based nutrients and adaptogens that are known to have stress alleviating properties. We formulated Upbeat® specifically to control the production of cortisol, our stress hormone. By taking Upbeat® regularly the body's response to stress will change, resulting in feelings of calm and relaxation replacing stress and anxiety. It is also produced in a GMP facilty, here in the US, to the highest, most sterile standards.

Simply take one capsule each day with a meal

Although Upbeat® is 100% natural and likely to be beneficial and safe for sleep disorders, always consult your doctor before taking this, if you are at risk or being treated for any medical condition.

No. Upbeat® has no added caffeine, and is stimulant free

Upbeat ®is created using natural plant-based ingredients in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. All cross contamination is eliminated as far as practicall possible. However, if you have any allergy concerns, consult your doctor.

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