Why are green juices so beneficial?

Green juice is very popular among health and fitness enthusiasts due to it's versatile delivery of numerous health benefits, including gut health, weight loss, reduced inflammation, and boosted immunity. So how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

We created this article to arm you with the information you need to select the best green juice powder for your body. At biowell we are, naturally biased, as we developed what we believe to be the best green juice powder available today. Continue reading the article to discover what separates Polygreens® from the rest, and how it can benefit your health.


Green juice cleanse detox

Green juice detox helps your body cleanse by eliminating built up toxins. Add a detox green juice to a healthy diet of protein, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, grains and legumes.

Don’t just drinking juices when you want to cleanse your body but use it to supplement eating light, balanced meals.

When selecting a greens juice products it’s important to look for diversity of ingredients that offer maximum nutrition, absorption and digestive support through pre and probiotics.

The best green juice powders are supplied in one month packs to ensure continuity of consumption and ensure long-term health benefits.


Green juice health benefits

Polygreens green juice benefits

Green juice is not a substitute for a balanced, healthy diet but it replicates the benefits that are associated with consuming extra fruits and vegetables.

Research shows that eating a diet of leafy green vegetables may help reduce inflammation, heart disease risk and mental decline. (1), (2)

Green veggies and their juices are excellent sources of several essential vitamins, minerals, and botanical compounds. kale, for example, is packed with vitamins A and K, while wheatgrass delivers vitamin C and iron.

Green juice is also a convenient way to gather the nutrients from green vegetables, particularly if you do not enjoy eating them or they are not readily available in stores.  Or indeed, if they are expensive to purchase separately.

Evidence also suggests that certain compounds in green juice serve as prebiotics, supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria living in your digestive tract (3), (4)


Five things to look for in a green juice


1. Superfood blend

Polygreens green superfood blend

Superfoods are foods that have high nutritional benefits with minimum calories. These high-quality foods provide phytonutrients, health-giving compounds that include antioxidants like polyphenols, vitamin c, omega fatty acids or amino acids.


2. Nutrient density

Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients, vital to the body, for example, cellular, cardiovascular and bone strengthening. Vitamin K2, complements the natural compound K1, from plants to support cardiovascular health. Minerals in a good green juice support biological processes. Oxalates found in leafy greens and naturally occurring plant compounds, are rich in nutrients beneficial to your health. Vitamins A, K2, B and calcium citrate are all beneficial and worth looking for in a green juice.


3. Probiotic blend

Probiotics are live organisms that provide gut health benefits to the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that support good bacteria naturally present in our bodies. Polygreens® green superfood powder supports the digestive and gastrointestinal tract by providing a probiotic blend 2.5 billion CFU's per serving as well as a prebiotic fiber and digestive enzyme complex blend.


4. Digestive enzymes

digestive enzymes in green juice

Digestive enzymes, naturally occurring compounds, break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins for easier absorption. Digestive enzymes combined with the body's natural ones combine to break down and digest food. when selecting a green juice powder, look for ones that have digestive enzymes that help the breakdown of fibers such as in vegetables. Polygreens® contains a prebiotic and digestive enzyme complex that is designed to do just that.


5. Adaptogenic compounds

Resihi mushrooms in Polygreens green juice

Typically found in mushrooms like reishi mushrooms, have beneficial effects on the body, easing your body’s stress response and promoting a balanced state.


Biowell's bottom line

Green juices can be rich in nutrients and plant compounds that support heart health,  healthy digestion and immunity in taken as part of a balanced, healthy diet. Because it lacks fiber, relying solely on consuming juice may contribute to poor blood sugar control or kidney issues if consumed in excess.

Select a green juice with the correct balance of nutrient-dense superfoods, nootropics and adaptogens, to support your wellness goals. Greens juices are not intended to replace a balanced healthy diet or multivitamins. If you want to upgrade your health, start an effective detox plan or supplement a health balanced diet with adaptogens and minerals normally found in leafy greens. If you want a rapid and convenient method of consumption of those vital nutrients then a cutting edge green juice powder like Polygreens® green superfood powder is for you. 

digestive and detox products 



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